Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance
for your existing software system

Why Choose Us?

Skilled Workforce

We offer a dedicated, entirely local team of skilled developers who will take ownership of your platform and accelerate your project.

Cost-effective transfer

We actively monitor the cost to ensure that most of your cash is allocated to fixes and new features because we view the transition process as our investment in a long-term partnership.

Exclude Rebuild

We don't often recommend rebuilding platforms; instead, we take a "let’s begin" rational approach to even some of the most difficult code bases.

How CYGEN Develops Top-Notch Applications

That has very much been the secret of our consistent success over the years. Below are a few steps of the process that we follow.


Bring Together the Right People in Team

That has very much been the secret of our consistent success over the years. Below are a few steps of the process that we follow.


Efficient Sprint

We plan an efficient sprint roadmap for team members to collaborate effectively.


Code Tech

We decouple the codes which enable our team to work faster and independently.


Iterative Delivery

We break the implementation process into smaller pieces to deliver value incrementally.



We identify issues like file leaks, memory leaks, and performance signs with code reviews.


and Demos

Weekly reviews, demos, and standups ensure coordination among team members and the client.

Services we offer

Just a few of the benefits of discussing software support with Cygen are listed below.

Scrutinize Code for Free

A senior member of our technical staff will conduct a 39-point code review prior to the start of development to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your technical situation.

Move Quicky

Want to go swiftly? In just two weeks, we can start releasing upgrades thanks to our expedited procedure.

Minimum Threat

We eliminate the risk associated with migrating developers with our Zero Risk Move Guarantee. You can choose to forget about spending money if you do not observe enough progress in the first two weeks.

Perpetual Assistance

You want a steady, long-term relationship. Over the course of the past 20 years, we have been developing software, and the last 8 years have seen us provide platform support.

Rebuilds Are Uncommon

We respect the investment you have made in your platform and do not frequently push for a complete rebuild, choosing to "clean as we go" instead if the quality of the code is subpar.

Totality Of Services

We provide a wide range of related services in addition to development, such as UX & graphic design, project management, testing, and more.

Taking Responsibility

As soon as we take on a code base, we take "moral ownership" of it, which means we drive for quality without placing blame for earlier issues.

Emphasis on Safety

Are you concerned about the safety of your platform? Since we frequently work on high security projects, we have a sharp eye for spotting and fixing security vulnerabilities.

We’re Ready to Partner for your Innovations

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