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With a website and mobile app, Cygen is the greatest restaurant management solution. The restaurant management system will assist you in getting your restaurant up and running. To grow your restaurant business, you'll need a business plan and management structure. To use this restaurant management software, you don't need any prior expertise or understanding of single code. You can delegate this job to Cygen; we've developed a cost-effective software that integrates your restaurant billing software and POS software.

QR Ordering

Pickup & Delivery

Seamless Payments

Order Management System

Restaurant point-of-sale software, sometimes known as POS software, is essential for managing restaurant orders. The Cygen restaurant POS system will make it easier for you to manage dine-in, walk-in, online, and third-party food orders. The latest restaurant, hotel, and coffee shop business patterns are highlighted in the Cygen restaurant POS module. As a result, competing in a competitive market will be easier. For whatever sort of user, Cygen restaurant pos features a user-friendly UI and simple navigation method. Everything you need to manage an order is right at your fingertips in the restaurant POS window. The following are some of the features of restaurant POS software:

  •    Take the customer's order
  •    Organize your online orders
  •    Look over the grocery list.
  •    System for printing tokens
  •    Notification of an online order
  •    Keep track of ongoing orders.
  •    Assign a customer to a waiter or waitress.
  •    Today's orders can be found here.
  •    For full orders, print an invoice.

The most significant aspect of any restaurant management software is an order management system. As a result, Cygen offers an effective order management function that assists in the management of customer orders. It also aids in the automatic completion of all order-related tasks. For order management, there are four separate lists.

  •    Order list
  •    Complete order
  •    Pending order list
  •    Cancel order

QR Code Scanner

Restaurants can use the QR Scan ordering system to manage contactless orders from dine-in guests. By scanning the QR image of your digital menu while seated at the table, your customer will be able to make an order. The QR scan ordering mechanism will eliminate the need for direct contact with customers. Customers can place orders more quickly and efficiently using the QR code scanner method instead of relying on waiters. It has a cash-on-delivery and payment gateway option, allowing customers to pay their bills quickly and easily.

  •    From the dine-in table, place a contactless order.
  •    Orders are updated in real time at the POS.
  •    From the admin end, you can accept or reject orders.
  •    Payment can be made in cash or through a payment channel.
  •    Option to alter and update an existing order.
  •    System of digital menus.
  •    Any form of mobile device can use it.
  •    Option to remember a previous order for a returning consumer.
  •    Order status is updated in real time on the customer's smartphone.

Pickup & Delivery

There are a variety of shipping options. You can appropriately declare your shipping methods here. And when it comes to preparing to ship to the destination, all of your products will use this procedure.

Seamless Payments

There are a variety of shipping options. You can appropriately declare your shipping methods here. And when it comes to preparing to ship to the destination, all of your products will use this procedure.

How does a POS system for a cafe enhance your business?

Simple Management of Orders

  Organize orders for dine-in, takeout, and delivery using an efficient order management system. Allow your waitstaff to take orders with the Cygen Waiter app if you have any.

Handle online orders from Menulog, Doordash, Uber Eats, etc

  Implement a single application and procedure to manage orders from many channels. Connect to online food delivery services like Uber Eats, Zomato, Deliveroo and Menulog.

Leverage kitchen order management with KDS

The CygenPOS Kitchen Display System (KDS) is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Gather and prepare orders in advance for quick service. Additionally, you can set up things for which a kitchen order ticket is required or not (KOT).

A useful and simple inventory.

  The inventory and recipe management system CygenPOS keeps track of item usage and theft. Additionally, you can build and control several inventory locations without paying extra.

Remotely manage your cafe.

  You can follow real-time sales stats from anywhere by using the owner's mobile app. A cloud system allows for remote setup and price changes.

Hence, if you are looking for the best pos system or pos software solutions for restaurant, cafe in Sydney, Australia then you can have the best deal on from Cygen. For inquires reach to us today.

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