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With the all-in-one platform from Cygen Connect, you can quickly drag and drop employee shifts, effortlessly share them with workers, and optimize wage expenditures in real-time.

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Drop scheduling
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Under One Roof, All of Your Business Operations.

Time Saving Roster Management

Reduce shift planning time in half and share new rosters straight away.

  • Generate rosters in minutes
  • Duplicate & repeat rosters with a few clicks
  • Drag and Drop shifts
  • Assign roles to employees
  • Display employee unavailability to avoid conflicts
  • Automated Award Interpretation to control wages
  • Roster warnings to ensure roster concreteness as per working requirements
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Scheduling with increased accessibility

Simple drag and drop scheduling tool.

  • Create AI rosters automatically by choosing the right staff
  • Notification of shifts to employees by push notifications, email or text
  • Workplace & location-based scheduling
  • Employees can bid for vacant shifts
  • Assign work-routes to staff/managers
  • Tracking of the staff members made easy
  • Shift swapping at ease
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Let Pre-defined Templates do their magic on Scheduling

Work with scheduling templates and reduce manual work

  • Save employee rosters to use them in future
  • Make use of single roster template, weekly or recurring roster templates
  • Plan your resourcing needs in advance
  • Create rosters based on roles and assign them later
  • Use any pre-defined template multiple times at any given point
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An appealing user interface that employees adore

Super easy for your employees to quickly understand their schedule.

  • Your staff is fully aware of when and where they must be
  • Staff have all the knowledge necessary to flawlessly complete their shift
  • When using their mobile app, everything is clear and simple to comprehend
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Cygen Connect Rostering Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Intelligent smart roster feature
  • Pre-defined templates to speed up rostering
  • Drag-n-drop functionality
  • Built-in modern award interpretations
  • Mobile app roster functionality
  • Shift swapping feature
  • Vacant Shifts creation
  • Work-routes option
  • Applying for leave through app
  • Specific period attendance check
  • Accept or reject a roster

Key Benefits

  • Rostering can be done automatically using built-in AI algorithms
  • Integrated compliance lowers risk
  • Compare roster expenditures and sales results
  • Improve labor efficiency across the entire organization
  • Communicate the rosters automatically
  • Send roster and attendance information directly to payroll
  • With one source of truth, ensure smooth data flow
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$ 119 /mo

For first 30 users

$3.6 / month for each additional user

Plan Highlights

Everything in Operations Advanced, plus:

  • Users can view & edit personal profile
  • In-app links (shortcuts)
  • Multi-branch / location management
  • Live GPS tracking (breadcrumbs)
  • Process automation
  • Conflicts & custom limitations
  • New device login alert
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$ 59 /mo

For first 30 users

$1.8 / month for each additional user

Plan Highlights

Everything in Operations Basic, plus:

  • Smart Groups and admin permissions
  • Geofence for the Time Clock
  • Recurring shifts and templates for the Schedule
  • Advanced filtering & bulk actions
  • Lock days in timesheets
  • Kiosk only clock in and out
  • Auto Clock Out
  • Recurring Tasks



$ 35 /mo

For first 30 users

$0.6 / month for each additional user

Plan Highlights

  • Filter dates for more than 30 days
  • Time tracking includes all report types, GPS, and unlimited jobs
  • Payroll software integration
  • Shift info (location, notes, media & files)
  • Claiming Open Shifts
  • Users can add images to a form
  • Past-due Tasks Quick View
  • Save Task As a Draft
Up to 10 users

Small Business

$ 0

Running a small business is hard. We’re here to help.

Plan Highlights

  • Full access to our most popular features
  • All Hubs are included
  • Everything a small business needs
  • Free for life! ❤️

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