Our Process for UI/UX and Application Design

Step 1

Discussion over a call

A high-level explanation of your project's main goals, deadlines, and unique requirements

End Result

Pricing will follow once we have confirmed that we are a good fit.

Step 2

Project Estimate

We will produce a high-level estimate for your project within the next few days.After that, we'll take you through the parts so you know what's involved.

End Result

Before you spend a lot of time, estimate the costs.

Step 3

Project Analysis

We will guide you through a user research process for speculative projects that typically entails conducting in-depth interviews with users, creating mockup solutions, and presenting these to users.New and significant insights consistently emerge from this procedure.

End Result

Confidence in the project, visual concepts, a technical plan, and pricing.

Step 4

Market Validations

Test the reaction of the market to your product quickly and inexpensively to improve your chances of success.

We can assist you with a demo website, pitch deck, or "MVP" product.

End Result

Improve your chances of success by refining your concept.

Step 5

Development & Testing

Watch as your project takes shape!You will collaborate closely with a project manager as well as the entire team, which includes a technical lead, developers, testers, and a specialist in user experience design.

Work is done in agile sprints, and you and, if possible, your system's end users are shown the system on a regular basis.Taking a new idea to market? We've funded & built two of our own highly successful startups & we’d love to help you through the process.

End Result

Frequently observe new software in operation, and numerous opportunities for feedback.

Step 6


Making a good first impression is crucial.You will receive active support throughout the launch process, and we are available to promptly address any initial issues.

End Result

Support that is active when your platform goes live.

Step 7

Continuous Support

From informal pay-as-you-go arrangements to formal support packages with clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs), you have a choice.

End Result

No lock-in, just high-quality, individualized support.

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