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Self-service equipment has the benefits of enhancing the store's reputation, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing operating expenses. The incremental market can be expanded, the inventory market can be increased, customer relationships can be improved, Therefore, the use of self-service devices is growing in popularity.

As a leading business in the sector, Cygen is always in charge of how POS industry goods are applied in the interest of dealers and end users. Currently, the 21.5-inch Cygen K1 self-service device has been created and made available.

As an entry-level Cygen self-service device, Cygen K1's key selling point is its cost-effectiveness, but it also has a full range of functions and dependable quality.

The self-service Cygen K1 A built-in thermal printer can print receipts, a two-dimensional module can scan a payment code or other commodity code, and the kiosk is fully functional and may be equipped with NFC, WIFI, and Bluetooth features and can also be integrated with the other third party payment devices .

Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosks

Cygen kiosks, which have been shown to cut down on wait times, provide customers more control over their dining experience and free up workers to perform other tasks.

Self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest experience in quick service restaurants and there are several features including

  • Convenient & Contactless
  • Fully-Integrated
  • Efficient
  • Receipt Thermal Printer to print the receipt to customers

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks

  • Give visitors the option to decide With the available add-ons and modifiers, customers can tailor their orders.
  • With the available add-ons and modifiers Customers can tailor their orders. Visitors can choose to get text updates regarding their orders via SMS.
  • Present contactless payment possibilities Together with Toast Tap, customers may experience contactless ordering and payment.
  • Boost personnel productivity When customers place their own orders, employees can focus on other crucial duties.
  • Shortened Wait times are significantly decreased when there is no back and forth between the cashier and the customer.
  • Make quick menu changes include any daily specials and out-of-stock menu items.
  • To the kitchen display screens, send orders direct orders are sent from the self-ordering kiosk to the line's kitchen display panels.

Steps Involved


Scanner to read the goods


Kiosk to receive the order


Scanner to collect the payment by mobile


Receipt Thermal Printer to print the receipt to customers



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