Transformation of Hospitality / Restaurant Industry during these unusual times of global pandemic.

Global Pandemic- COVID-19 has not only been a shattering public-health catastrophe; it has also been the most challenging thing for the restaurant industry till date. There was never before have so many restaurants been required to shut their operations and some probably might never revive. Although there are many teashops, restaurants and bars were able to outlive this uncertain time, not all were so fortunate. The Australian industry association approximations that 10% of hospitality companies had to perpetually shut their doors due to COVID-19.

While restrictions are beginning to alleviate through the country, restaurants, bars and cafes are gradually re-opening their doors to the people. Nevertheless, in the reverberation of COVID-19, nothing seems to be relatively the identical. Businesses that persisted the lockdown, now experience a new challenge: Accustoming to the new normal.

A robust online-ordering platform, digital loyalty programs, and strong mobile applications (iOS & Android) have been salvations for restaurants throughout this pandemic, as stages of digital engagement amongst consumers have surged.

At CYGEN, our goal is to inspire restaurant industry, completely in-store and online. We are collaborating and providing the restaurants to get their POS solutions e-commerce along with mobile applications up and running in a matter of days. With our AI-powered platform, we enable restaurant and hospitality businesses to impeccably integrate all aspects needed for their online operations – Exclusive Website with e-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Mobile Applications, Complete POS Solution, Order Fulfillment, Automated Recipe Management, Delivery Solutions, and more.

What has enabled hospitality and restaurant industry to make this evolution so rapidly and effortlessly? The solution is CYGEN’s quick-to-deploy platform. With our best-in-class Endwise Digital Commerce Solution, with our Australian POS and online integrations with mobile apps, dozens of restaurants have gone digital - obtaining online orders and reducing their forefront employees. Accomplishment has been fast in coming too, with many online stores registering a 100% upsurge in traffic and revenues effectively overnight.

Employee Rostering

Employee Rostering


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