How Grocery Stores are coping up with Covid-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has entirely transformed the game for grocery stores, as e-commerce is scoping up to 100%. In the chase for essentials while sticking to stay-at-home ordinances, customers have moves to online shopping, fast-tracking the acceptance rate of grocery supply services. Grocers have had to innovate as well as acclimate rapidly to meet the rolling demands of store pickup and home-delivery, although maintaining subsequent stock at their stores and safe for staffs and also for the customers.
As customers are sheltering at home, grocery stores with e-commerce platform are demonstrating their worth – which was never before. Online ordering and home delivery are more than a convenience, as it has become a matter of survival. This is factual for susceptible people like elders and quarantined people, and also additional essential workforces operational round the clock. 

The emerging data is abundant and it’s becoming obvious that the accessibility of delivery and online shopping by proximity are main areas that consumers has altered throughout the course of global pandemic.
CYGEN’s mission is to enable grocery stores, equally in-store and online. We are associating with grocery retailers for their e-commerce processes live and ready to operate within a few days. Cheers to our end-to-end innovative technology centric platform, we support businesses to flawlessly integrate all facets required for their online grocery operations – Own Branded Website, Mobile Apps, In-store nhanced Customer Experience, Order Fulfillment, Delivery Solutions, and more. 

As we have hit by second wave of covid 19, ecommerce and mobile application development will bring customer confidence begins to salvage. By this phase customer will have become habituated for buying online due to social distancing limits. When the consumers are prepared to expend again, it will begin with online, and more businesses are expected to stay online. Grocery Stores with complete Omni-channel presence will be best positioned for the benefits during the early recovery phase and we are gratified to play our role in serving grocery stores to keep us all safe supplied during the pandemic.

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